Saturday, 2 April 2011

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Model and actress Yana Gupta is perhaps the happiest girl in Bollywood. Has been photographed without underwear, but no problems with the morale of the police. Instead, she got what she wanted. Yes, it has all the advertising like never before and is one of the most searched keywords in search engines a few days.

Buzz up!
Like you can do it or not, but the fact is that words like Yana Gupta "no underwear", "Yana Gupta without underwear", "Yana Gupta photos without underwear", "Yana Gupta" wardrobe malfunction, etc. are high, having to particularly sought after in India. There may be some bad, but it is true that the girl is advertising that they loved. It seems that the fashion faux pas was part of her game, because they laughed at the incident, describing it as "fun day of her life."

Why not wear underwear, Yana said she decided to do away with the pants, and stuck in the ass while practicing dance steps for a television program. So she packed her things in the same week so she could attend the charity event directly from the dance floor because they did not have to go home. However, she forgot to pack her underwear. She added that they are in cover her private part, she moved tries short black dress, but the photographer managed to make their photos.

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