Sunday, 24 April 2011

rakhi sawant

Love, hate, but it is impossible to ignore. Rakhi Sawant person, some say, was cut controversial. This policeman's daughter, began her career as a dancer in nightclubs and came onto the scene with the remix number Pardesiya. Bold and revealing dresses, vulgar and obscene gestures and comments to each BIND was an advantage and a curse for this starlet, daughter element and a subscriber to fight in reality TV. Rakhi Sawant, who was in town yesterday, talking to NT, wearing a red and green salwar kameez with hard work and a dupatta Zardozi match (she says she has been wearing this for the last four days). She waxes eloquent about the most serious problems of life, career, and her desire to do social service.

Television has changed my life
"The success that I see today is all thanks to television. Reality show Bigg Boss changed my life and has millions of people in institutions, in which viewers saw me as I am, honest, sincere and simple. I now on the Search'm looking forward to the reality dance show, which will begin soon on the TV screen. I difficult to repeat and I am confident that good. "

It is important to look West Sport
"Basically, I am very hoon heart of the Indians. Sadharan Hindustani Ek Ladki, pero if you want to be noticed today, you have a look to the West. Short dresses that pout, her hair colored eyes with immediate recognition in this area. Ekta Kapoor Sales Only Dog savatri sati. The industry needs a shock. I had to be as market I bought a Western eye. "

I removed all silicone implants
"I did everything, and I feel much" lighter ". I have to repeat the dance, shake and dance a lot, and the weight of these implants weighed on me. I'm taking out and it has not changed, been, in my view . It does not matter if you are not well equipped to fill, taking care of everything. "

Everything I do or say, creates controversy
"Main Hoon ek dum properly baat Boltiere or SAAF. Many people do not like it, pero I do not like, I say it that way. I do not create controversies, they just happen around me. Of course, all this made me very badly. Ganapati Bappa made Before sitting crying and my heart. But I have no grouse against anyone, I have forgiven all. "

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