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Parvathy omanakuttan

Kerala, India Parvathy Omanakuttan I mean almost Miss World 2008 at the end, however, that Russia Glamazon won the crown. Just another example of a young girl who is passed over in favor of some brunette blonde with blue eyes ... just kidding. More or less. :) Is your personal data, namely biotechnology here (thanks, Nik and Mithu)

Parvathy, Kottayam, grew up in Bombay. After studying art, studied sociology, psychology and English literature.

Parvathy goal is to study in psychology to learn about human behavior in depth on ... Beauty is an ardent supporter of the sport thin with a special interest in basketball, badminton and swimming.

She has a talent for whistling. He enjoys listening to music, singing, reading, painting on glass, acting, modeling, languages, dancing (from ballroom and Latin dance room) and new learning. [Zee]
I have to ask why it is important to whistle? In addition to the extra-able to stop a taxi to the "Whistle While You Work 'Snow White new scene or tell a hottie he or she hay" inappropriate ", what is good? I pity my question answered on this list.

Parvathy is also very much a great quote from former President APJ Abdul Kalam "Dreams are not what you see in your dream, but dreams do not just let you sleep", that its currency in life is a dream with open eyes. [Zee]
You are welcome to the dream date, but I'm a fan because it is sporty. We at Coffee SM some sports that we love girls.
Speaking of those of us in SM, feast your eyes on this fuel Ennis Haterade sent me through G-chat:

04.30 Clock Ennis everyone knows Mallu chicks are too short to win a competition;)
For your information, you hate, that is 5'8 or 5'9, I saw two different levels in more than 20 terms are set to walk through this post (which were all filled with the same lame content). Anyway, it is quite high. Oh, if the border north-south hatred? When I ask him? When? ;)
Reading this made me smile with recognition:

Before attending the event on television, close members of the family visited the temple to offer prayers for the success of Parvathy.

They could not contain their joy when the name Parvathy was announced during the last five semi-finalists.

This was followed by moments of tension, until the winner is announced and when it was the first runner was new, not everyone happy.

"But we're glad she came in second. If they had not won, he would have been bad. We are pleased with what has won them," said Shantakumari. [Hindu]
Shantakumari Parvathy is a grandmother, and she was not the only one who has great expectations for his grandson, had the son:

"I will do my best to all Indians around the world proud," Parvathy said Omanakkuttan two days before the competition "Miss World 2008 in Johannesburg. [Express]
We are very proud of you, Penne. There is no need for the teeth gnashing and bitter agony had what can be:

"I've had more success than others in the personality and the series of questions and answers. This is not fair. All who saw it felt like yesterday. I feel the jury's decision was" unfair, "said Parvathy Indian television Sunday Vision .

"I had confidence. I could do well. The question of the year does not come as a challenge for me, given my background in literature," said Parvathy, from Kottayam, Kerala. [NDTV]
It reminds me of my cousins ​​in Kerala, once apologized to my aunt and uncle for a 98 pedantess on a test, while insisting that the assessment was unfair. My father proudly told this anecdote about perfectionism in me to inspire me to emulate Dengue example. I replied: "I am not alone." He received a lesson on how "not" was a word, but this is a tangent to be in a future post-abused.

Miss World is the original and most popular in the world that began 1951st Each year, to get young women from all countries in the competition for the towers, like most beautiful smile, the cycle of swimsuit, talent and Miss select a number of questions and answers, etc., and the judges of the candidates, the combination of beauty, glamor, balance and intelligence has. [Zee]
Now I learned something new. I did not know that Miss World is more popular than Miss Universe. I do not know the second one was so bad. I lie. I'm Desi. I know for sure. News

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