Saturday, 2 April 2011

kareena kapoor wallpapers

Kareena Kapoor Wallpapers
Kareena Kapoor is upset that some parts of the media go to town from the fact that she was seen exchanging pleasantries with Shahid Kapoor in a recent awards ceremony and then left director Karan Johar.

"This is probably the 10th time we talked. But people are still after four years, the need to write about feel. It is not fair because we have progressed. It may be in another relationship, and I am with Saif (Saif Ali Khan friend) that Shahid and I wanted to know all along. "

Thus it may be now a Jab We Met 2? "Some classics are best left untampered. Geet Remember how he was, why you try it again?".

Kareena is delighted signed another film with his idol Aamir Khan have. It admits that at one point thought he had lost most of the film Zoya Akhtar, because the dates do not work

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