Friday, 8 April 2011

Kareena kapoor caught nude on camera

Kareena kapoor caught nude on camera
For problems with the mobile Bollywood Reporter Ms Divya Chawla Kareena Kapoor Our phone is far from over. Kissing antics are still fresh in the minds of people but it was not as if someone grabbed a relatively new camera and mischief Bebo, take off what looks like a hotel room.
here is  Kareena Kapoor Photo Gallery 

Midi, a leading tabloid in Mumbai claims to possess the tape but can not claim its authenticity. According to the document, the place looks like a luxury hotel where Bebo enters the room and runs.
"If this is a clip is tampered with, it is a very professional job. If not, Kareena and other actresses for concern," wrote the newspaper, which has already published photos allegedly intimate Ashmita Patel and Riya Sen 

Last Kareena MMS clip is also on the heels of Ludhiana infamous Five star hotel episode where there is a stroke of newlyweds by hotel staff, to sell it as a porn film.
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