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reema khan hot

 Hot Reema Khan, Pakistan is the most popular model, actress and director. Reema Khan Reema also known as an actress Pakistani top models that start a career as a movie and became a superstar in the film industry of Pakistan
Reema Khan in Pakistan, a model of the TV series in Pakistan (PTV) and direct film Reema from Pakistan, was a milestone in Pakistan's film industry, Lollywood. Reema and still married, and there is no planning their wedding day. Reema and plan for the new film production in India with popular actors, models and singers in IndiaSo let's see the next mile stone hot Reema Khan of Pakistan and sexy and one of the top models. 

In 1994, Shameem Ara produced another hit film Beta with the team of Hathi Meray Sathi (Reema, Mohsin Khan, Rambo and Sahiba). And after the success of Beta, Reema achieved the status of one of the leading actresses of Lollywood. 
The following year, Reema appeared in the film Munda Bigras Jaye with a new actor Baber Ali. The pair of Reema and Baber Ali won together the hearts of viewers and Pakistani film gave many hit films to their fans, as Jo Darr Gaya Gaya Woh Mar, Sarak, Love 95, Chor Machaey Shoor, Mamila Garber Hai, Hum Tu Susral Charley and e- Jigar Laghat. 

Reema appeared in later films with Saud, Ajab Gul, Izhar Qazi and Muammar Rana, too. However, the graph of successful films started to fall and turned against rival financial Reema, Saima. Reema published in 2002, the two films, fire, Asif Ali Pota and Samina's Shararat. Both films will be deleted and it is more difficult for Reema maintain their position. And in this time when Reema announced direct a film, critics have said that her acting career was over. Now she has published her first film Tujhe Koi Sat Kahan throughout Pakistan and has been reported with the highest grossing film of 2005. This film won the Best Film Lux Style Awards 2006 - PakistanShe also won the award for best actress and the filmmaker himself. 

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