Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hot rakhi sawant

I noticed Industry 
"I have finally overcome the casting couch. I'm still Starlet an Struggling, but now the bigwigs of the industry talk at least with me. They are not asking for sexual favors, give work to my events and I pay for it. I am a serial number for Rakesh Roshan's Krazy 4, and I am eternally grateful to him for me to do, so many aesthetic choreography. So I'm playing Loot Suniel Shetty a role in film Baltidevi, Queen of Southall, directed by Aditya Kapoor. " 
Change Image 
"It is impossible to try to change the image. I feel" changes over the bomb in a sexual kind of good girl, is stupid. I will also continue to be, as I am 
In addition, and also the number of items to make television and everything that is offered to me. 

I carry a lucky charm These Days 
"I'm very superstitious, and pray to Ganapati Bappa much. My Guruji Hari Govind Tripathi guides me in all my projects. I train and I wear a bracelet with nine planetary stones to win the dance competition, I did it lakh for me to an exorbitant price of Rs 2, I'm going to wear during the dance, and events after that. " 
I want to do social service 

"I have a special love for Nagpur, because many live by my fans here. I am the situation of farmers in this region and serial number in a film about the plight of farmers in Vidarbha. I decided that I have a part to donate my income for the welfare of the peasants. I want millions of poor children to feed to sleep on an empty stomach. For this I want to earn big money. "

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