Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hot rakhi sawant bikini

"The success that I see today is all thanks to television. Reality show Bigg Boss changed my life and has millions of people in institutions, in which viewers saw me as I am, honest, sincere and simple. I now on the Search'm looking forward to the reality dance show, which will begin soon on the TV screen. I difficult to repeat and I am confident that good. " 

It is important to look West Sport 
"Basically, I am very hoon heart of the Indians. Sadharan Hindustani Ek Ladki, pero if you want to be noticed today, you have a look to the West. Short dresses that pout, her hair colored eyes with immediate recognition in this area. Ekta Kapoor Sales Only Dog savatri sati. The industry needs a shock. I had to be as market I bought a Western eye. " 
I removed all silicone implants
"I did everything, and I feel much" lighter ". I have to repeat the dance, shake and dance a lot, and the weight of these implants weighed on me. I'm taking out and it has not changed, been, in my view . It does not matter if you are not well equipped to fill, taking care of everything. " 

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